Patrick McIntire

When Patrick McIntire arrived at Vibra Hospital of Denver, he couldn’t walk. In fact, Patrick couldn’t even get in and out of his wheelchair. Severe wounds on Patrick’s right and left legs were the cause of Patrick’s difficulties. “My bottom [was affected] as well, from being stuck in a wheelchair without a Roho cushion,” Patrick added.

To heal his wounds, Patrick turned to Vibra Hospital of Denver, which has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Wound Care Certification. It proved to be a terrific choice.

Through Vibra’s complex wound care program, Patrick made incredible progress. His wounds healed, and he regained the ability to turn from side to side, get in and out of his wheelchair, and much more. “With the help of OT, I am able to dress myself. With the help of PT, I am working on a special type of pivoting. I’ve also learned to stand again and keep my head high, arch my hips, and soon I’ll be walking again.”

“What I thought would take a couple years, Vibra Hospital has helped me in not even half of that.”

Vibra’s staff left a significant mark on Patrick during his stay. “The drive and motivation of the staff…not only did they teach me, but they listened and took consideration of everything I had to say, as well,” he noted. 

Patrick also wished to recognize the individuals who impressed him and express his heartfelt gratitude.

“Nicole, Shannon, Branden, Tony, Steve, Jocelyn, Amanda, Dr. Warren, Dr. Morgan, A.E., Ms. B., Debra from housekeeping, Ms. Margaret, Charlotte, Chris, Ms. Denise, and Ms. Kathy…and a special shout out to my case manager, who never gave up on me. All these people are very important in my life because they are more than just their titles. They are family to me. Thank you, and I love you guys with all my heart. Last but not least, to the man, the CEO, Mr. Lamar…thank you, sir.”

Patrick looks forward to continuing to succeed in his recovery upon his discharge from Vibra Hospital. He also wished to share the following:

“For anybody who is suffering or going through anything that Vibra Hospital may be able to help you with, it is my strong recommendation to look into Vibra before considering anywhere else. It’s a great start. They are all hall of famers and a five-star establishment in my book. Thank you, Vibra!”